Australian Labradoodles - Temperament

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Australian Labradoodles – Temperament


The temperament of the Australian Labradoodle is balanced and with great potential to perform therapy and assistance tasks. They are extremely intelligent, sociable, sensitive, cheerful, and empathetic dogs. They adapt easily to any place, be it city or rural area.

They are very loyal to their family; they are not aggressive at all and live well with other dogs or animals. They are easy to train and very good with children.

They are active and energetic, which is why it is very important to provide them with mental and physical exercise to avoid behaviour problems. They easily learn tricks and special tasks.

They are very intuitive about the emotional state of family members and it is this ability to „perceive“ that has made Australian Labradoodles excellent dogs for people with special needs.
They are characterized by their good humour and easy-going nature.