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Guardian Program

Becoming a home for one of our breeding dogs can be a great way to have a top-quality dog as your pet. We would like to give our bred dogs proper socialization and so achieve that they are well- balanced, happy animals. Therefore, we would like to place our upcoming breeding dogs in their homes forever as puppies with suitable families, while we retain the legal ownership and rights to breed this dog for a specified period.

This means that the dog lives with you like your family dog. You pay all the costs of regular dog health care and vaccinations, food, care and other expenses. In addition to all breeding expenses, we will pay for the genetic health tests required for our breeding dogs. Some of these expenses include scan on the hips and elbows, annual or semi-annual eye checks, etc. When the dog fulfills its breeding duties, you get permission to castrate or sterilize the dog at your own expense and provide proof to us that it has been fulfilled, and the dog can enjoy the wonderful life you have given him since the puppy passes legal ownership.

The price you’d pay for a multi-generational Australian Labradoodle puppy from us costs up to £3000. The price to purchase a “breeding quality” Australian Labradoodle with breeding rights would be significantly higher are approximately 4-5 times higher. The Guardian program allows a family to have a “breeding quality” dog for no up-front cost.

Contact us for more information on the requirements of the Guardian program and if your family is eligible for the program.