Australian Labradoodles - Breed Standard

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Australian Labradoodles – Breed Standard


Head should be moderately broad with eyes set well apart, without exaggeration. The head should be fully coated as on the body, legs and tail. It should be in proportion to the size of the dog and should flow naturally into a muscular neck.

Skull should be slightly rounded, not domed. Muzzle should be more squared than pointy. Nose should be large, of square appearance and fleshy.

Scissor bite is most desirable, with upper teeth just overlapping bottom teeth.

Eyes should be large, expressive, and slightly rounded. Eye colours can be darkest brown, a transparent honey colour, or shades of hazel. Kind, friendly eyes imparting good temperament, intelligence, intuitiveness, and alertness are a hallmark of the breed.

Ears should lay flat against head in proportion with the skull with a slight lift at the base for air flow and set slightly above eye level. Leather should be of medium thickness and should not hang below the lower lip line.

Neck, Toplines, Body

Neck is well-proportioned, of good strength and moderately long, slightly arched and flowing into shoulders with no appearance of abruptness.

Shoulder blades and upper arms should be the same length. Shoulders should be laid back with elbows set close to the body.

Forelegs should be straight when viewed from the front.

Hindquarters should be well-muscled for power in movement. In profile, the croup (buttocks) is nearly flat, though slight sloping is acceptable. Stifles (knee joints) should be moderately turned to propel forward movement, and hock (ankle) to heel should be strong, short, and perpendicular to the ground. View of legs from the rear should appear parallel.

Tail should be long and not too thin, following the top line when in repose or may be carried high in a happy or lively manner when in motion. Curly tails are acceptable, but tails that curl over onto the back are not the ideal.

Feet are of medium size, round with well-arched toes having elastic and thick pads. The feet should not turn in or out.

Toplines should be level. Height (to shoulder) as to length (from shoulder to point of buttock) should appear square and compact.

Loins should be strong and muscular with moderate tuck up. Ribs should be well sprung but not barrelled.